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Control where your water runoff goes

Downspouts are a vital part of your gutter system. The downspout is the final piece of the gutter and will point the direction of the water runoff away from your house or business.

• 2" x 3" Rectangular downspout

• 3" x 4" Rectangular downspout

• 3" round downspouts

• 4" round downspouts

• PVC Catchment

• Leader head boxes

Downspout options include:

Your downspout needs to be properly fitted to your gutter system. With our custom solutions, you'll know that your gutters are able to do their job.


All of our workmanship is guaranteed and can be completed anywhere on the island of Maui.

Correct sizing of your downspouts

Locally owned company serving Maui


Licensed and insured contractor for your gutter projects.


Lic # C-27151

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