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The Rain Gutter Brothers

Here on Maui, many homes are surrounded by trees and foliage.  Gutter screens can be installed in your aluminum or copper gutters to keep your gutters from getting clogged up with debris. This means less maintenance for homeowners, and that the gutters will be able to work more efficiently!  


For Aluminum gutters, we use 5" or 6" Aluminum Micro Mesh gutter screens with a baked enamel finish.  For Copper gutters, we use Copper Mesh gutter screens.

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Protect your gutters

• Gutter repair

• Gutter replacement

• Gutter cleaning

• Gutter screen or guard installation

• Gutter inspection

• Gutter screen repair

Services for you include:

Gutter screens greatly reduce the need for gutter cleaning maintenance. Most gutter overflow issues are caused by an extreme amount of built-up debris in the gutters and downspouts.


Gutter screens help reduce debris from entering the system in the first place, thereby resulting in a virtually maintenance-free gutter system.

Reduce the cleaning of your gutters

Custom solutions for your property


Call today to find out how our licensed and insured business can help you with your new gutter screens.

Lic #: C-27151